The Windsor School

Math League


 This Year’s Math Team is Off to a Great Start!

2021-2022 Current Results
The math team is currently tied for first overall in this year’s competition of over 125 high schools throughout the state of New York.

Good luck to this year’s math team and advisor, Mr. Villafana!

About the Competition
More than one hundred fifty high schools throughout New York State participate each year in the New York Mathematics League competition. Six tests are administered between October and April. A total of 180 points constitutes a perfect score.

The Windsor School finished in 1st place in the statewide competition with a perfect score of 180 points in 2012 and 176 points in 2013. We placed 2nd statewide in 2010, 2014, 2016, and 2018-2021. A 3rd place finish was earned in 2011.

Bailing Chen, Yunqing Huang, and Yiao Wu earned perfect scores on all six tests in 2020-2021 and finished the competition with overall scores of 36. Two other students finished with high scores overall.

The team is organized and guided by the head of our mathematics department, Mr. David Villafana.

mathOur recent record in this competition is as follows:

▪ 2009-2010 Second Place Statewide
▪ 2010-2011 First Place in Region
▪ 2011-2012 First Place Statewide
▪ 2012-2013 First Place Statewide
▪ 2013-2014 Second Place Statewide
▪ 2014-2015 First Place in Region
▪ 2015-2016 Second Place Statewide
▪ 2017-2018 Second Place Statewide
▪ 2018-2019 Second Place Statewide
▪ 2019-2020 Second Place Statewide
▪ 2020-2021 Second Place Statewide

For a complete list of all participating schools and cumulative lists of high scoring students and schools, go to